Number Season Location Days Number of
1 Survivor: New Zealand Kapiti Island 39 16 Tommyboy97
2 Survivor: Turkmenistan Sarygamysh Lake 39 16 JaK Unwantd
3 Survivor: Uruguay La Rambla 39 18 TBA
4 Survivor: Egypt Coast of the Red Sea 39 18 TBA
5 Survivor: Salvation Kapiti Island 39 18 TBA
6 Survivor: Brazil Ipanema Beach 39 18 TBA
7 Survivor: All Stars Rock Islands 39 20 TBA
8 Survivor: Run the World Kongaroo Island 42 18 TBA
9 Survivor: Tahiti Society Islands 39 15 TBA


  • Kongaroo Island is a fictional island that is made to make season 8 more exciting.
    • The island is off the coast of Tahiti, where season 9 is set.

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