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Day 5: Reward Challenge

Hello, Survivors! Welcome to day 5!

Today, before we start, I have a annoucment to make.

With heavy hearts, Mickey has quit the competition. He claims he is very busy lately

As for the challenge, you will play a game of 21 flags.

However, Dallas and Tommy will sit out this challenge.

Here are the links to the games:

Toby v.s Koror:21 Flags: Toby vs Koror - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki

Ricky v.s Zachary:21 Flags: Ricky v.s Zachary - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki

Reid v.s Ahad:21 Flags: Reid vs Ahad - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki

Dianted v.s Yoshi:21 Flags: Dianted v.s Yoshi - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki

Jaylen v.s Filip:21 Flags: Jaylen v.s Filip - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki

Caleb v.s Alex:21 Flags: Caleb v.s Alex - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki

Any game that is not at least started in a hour will be cancelled.

The winner will get a point for their team. The team with the most points in the end wins.

Survivors ready... Go!

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