Hello Everyone! Welcome to Survivor: New Zealand! 

You all already know how to play Survivor, so here are the teams!

Raki (Blue Tribe): Koror, Ahad, Jaylen, Gernald

Tonga (Red Tribe): Zachary, Reid, Dallas, Alex

Hauauru (Green Tribe): Toby, Dianted, Filip, Tommy

Rawhiti (Yellow Tribe): Ricky, Yoshi, Mickey, Caleb

As for your challenge, you are all going to play, "Survivor: Trivia!"

In this challenge, I'm going to give your 5 questions dealing with Survivor, the first person to answer correctly gets a point for their tribe. The tribe with the most points at the end wins!

I'll be posting the questions in the comments.

As for the reward, the winning tribe gets to select a member to be sent to Idol Island, and get a clue for the immunity idol. However, the person who goes to Idol Island will NOT compete in the immuntiy challenge tomarrow. So choose wisely...

Survivors ready... GO!