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• 5/10/2014

Day 9- Reward Challenge and Team Mix-up

Since 12 people are left in the game, it is time for the Team-Mix Up!
Here are the new teams: 
Raki: Yoshi, Dianted, Ried
Tonga: Alex, Koror, Dallas
Hauauru: Jaylen, Caleb, Tommy
Rawhiti: Toby, Ahad, Ricky
As for the challenge: you guys will be playing Bejewled: Bejeweled
Whoever has the hightest convined score on their team wins!
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• 5/7/2014

Day 8- Tribal Council Hauauru Results

If anyone wants to play the immunity idol, please play it now.

Noone stands up*
OK. I'll read the votes.
1st vote
2nd Vote
3rd vote
The 2nd person voted out of Survivor: New Zealand is...
Filip, The tribe has spoken. Their dessision is final. 

torch is put out*
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• 5/7/2014

Day 7: Tribal Concil

Send you votes to
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• 5/4/2014

Day 6 Immunity Challenge Results

Only one person did the challenge, and that person is...
So Raki gets Immunity. But since we need 2 more tribes to be safe, Jaylen will pick who will be going to tribal!
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• 5/3/2014

Survivor: New Zealand Email

Alot of people have been complaining about this ORG being unorginized. In fact, that is why Zach quit. 
Me and Ricky have been discussing what to do, and we made a conclusion...
Now we can finally get this ORG orginized! Here is the email:
As for a co-host, I am still looking...
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• 5/3/2014

Day 6: Immunity Challenge

Today you will be playing Happy Wheels!
The Level you will be playing is Ultimate Payback!
Send me photo evidence of your score. Whoever has the shortest time wins Immunity!
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• 5/2/2014

Day 5: 21 Flags Results

You guys always come here late, don't ya?
Anyways, Since Jaylen, Reid, Ricky, and Toby are the only ones who tried to do the challenge, while everyone else is inactive, I'm going to sent one of you four to go to Idol Island.
So choose who will be going to Idol Island. Here are your options:
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• 5/1/2014

Day 5: Reward Challenge

Hello, Survivors! Welcome to day 5!
Today, before we start, I have a annoucment to make.
With heavy hearts, Mickey has quit the competition. He claims he is very busy lately
As for the challenge, you will play a game of 21 flags.
However, Dallas and Tommy will sit out this challenge.
Here are the links to the games:
Toby v.s Koror:21 Flags: Toby vs Koror - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki
Ricky v.s Zachary:21 Flags: Ricky v.s Zachary - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki
Reid v.s Ahad:21 Flags: Reid vs Ahad - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki
Dianted v.s Yoshi:21 Flags: Dianted v.s Yoshi - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki
Jaylen v.s Filip:21 Flags: Jaylen v.s Filip - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki
Caleb v.s Alex:21 Flags: Caleb v.s Alex - Kongaroo Survivor ORG Wiki
Any game that is not at least started in a hour will be cancelled.
The winner will get a point for their team. The team with the most points in the end wins.
Survivors ready... Go!
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• 5/1/2014

21 Flags: Caleb v.s Alex

Caleb goes first
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• 5/1/2014
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• 5/1/2014
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• 5/1/2014

21 Flags: Reid vs Ahad

Ahad goes first
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• 5/1/2014
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• 5/1/2014

21 Flags: Toby vs Koror

Toby goes first
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• 5/1/2014


I am quitting I never signed up for this and I am really busy.
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• 5/1/2014

Day 4: Tribal Raki Results

If anyone wants to play the immunity idol, please play it now.

Noone stands up*
1st vote
2nd vote
3rd vote
The 1st person to be voted out of Survivor: New Zealand is...
Gernald, the tribe has voted you out. Their dicission is final

Torch is put out*
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• 4/30/2014

Day 3: Tribal Council; Raki

Welcome Raki to your first Tribal Council!
One of you will be going home tonight.
But first, I have a few questions for you 4.
Koror: Do you think there is someone handling the tribe? If so, who?
Ahad: Why do you think your team lost?
Jaylen: Do you think people are going to team up to vote out one person? ( Don't say who)
Gernald: You are the oldest member on your team. Do you think this effects how your teammates think of you at all?
Come on chat when you answered your question, and PM me who you want to vote for.
If you don't vote, it will count as a vote against yourself
votes are due by tommarow.
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• 4/28/2014

Day 2: Immunity Challenge

Come on in guys!
If you didn't notice, Alex was sent to Idol Island. He will be back tomorrow.
So for your first challenge, you are going to play SSF2:
In this challenge, you will be playing 1-5 rounds of SSF2. I will need photo eve since for your score. Like I said, you can play a maximum of 5 matches.
The tribe that has the most wins overall wins Immunity. The tribe with the least amount of wins will be sent to Tribal Council. But if there is a tie for last, then BOTH tribes will be sent to Tribal.
Survivors ready... GO!
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• 4/27/2014

Day 1: Teams and Reward Challenge! REMAKE!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Survivor: New Zealand! 
You all already know how to play Survivor, so here are the teams!
Raki (Blue Tribe): Koror, Ahad, Jaylen, Gernald
Tonga (Red Tribe): Zachary, Reid, Dallas, Alex
Hauauru (Green Tribe): Toby, Dianted, Filip, Tommy
Rawhiti (Yellow Tribe): Ricky, Yoshi, Mickey, Caleb
As for your challenge, you are all going to play, "Survivor: Trivia!"
In this challenge, I'm going to give your 5 questions dealing with Survivor, the first person to answer correctly gets a point for their tribe. The tribe with the most points at the end wins!
I'll be posting the questions in the comments.
As for the reward, the winning tribe gets to select a member to be sent to Idol Island, and get a clue for the immunity idol. However, the person who goes to Idol Island will NOT compete in the immuntiy challenge tomarrow. So choose wisely...
Survivors ready... GO!
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• 4/7/2014

New Zealand Sign-ups

On this Wiki, I will be doing seasons of Survivor. This is the sign up page for Survivor: New Zealand. If you don't like Survivor, then I'll send links to other wikis where you can play other games, like The Amazing Race. I will be allowing 16-20 people to compete ( Depending on how fast the Sign Ups are going) Here is the Application:

Write your application in the comments below.
Do you think you have a chance at winning, and why (Opitional) : 
P.S: If you don't have a Mangatar, then here is the link to the website: Link If you don't want to buy the Mangatar, then do these three steps. 
1: Get a camera and take a picture of your Mangatar on your computer screen
2: Upload your Mangatar picture to your computer
3: Upload the picture to the application
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